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In 2014 we are offering the following classes:

Open Men (cash payout)
Vet Met 45+ (cash payout)
Single-speed (cash payout)
Open Women (cash payout)
Duo Open (cash payout)
Duo Coed (cash payout)
Duo Women (cash payout)
Duo Juniors (Under 18) (Sweet Prizes)

I am developing a participant payout scale.  I think this will make the payout more fair, and help motivate you to bring your friends.  I will post the scale as soon as I have it completed.

The cost of pre-registration will be $35.00.  That fee includes a post race meal for the race participant. Friends, and family can purchase a meal ticket at the event.

Day of registration will be $40.00 which will include the post race meal.

I understand the need to watch the weather, talk yourself into it, etc... I race I get it, but PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE register early if you know that you are going to participate in the event.  I am capping the race at 125 to ensure the best possible time for all the participants.  Though our luck with weather has been less than desirable, I feel this year we will get a break, and the registration may fill up, so don't wait until it is too late.

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